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Boat’s motion – illustrated nautical terms

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Just a bit of fun! We’ve found a delightful blog illustrating the following six nautical terms that relate to a boat’s motion. They are:







It’s called six degrees of freedom and the drunken sailor. We hope you enjoy the sketches and their depiction of the fluidity of movement as much as we did.

Going aground

Monday, July 5th, 2010

When I read that a yacht ran aground on shallow reefs because of lower than usual tides, I was perplexed. But perhaps that’s because I haven’t been sailing around Bermuda recently.

Meteorologists with the Bermuda Weather Service have reported that tides have been lower than expected due to the effect of cold eddies circling the island. Tides have been recorded to be 0.7 ft to one foot lower than average.

A prudent skipper would not be caught out. He would know what his yacht draws and allow a much greater amount of water between it and the sea bottom.

Fortunately for the skipper involved, nearby motor boats were able to rescue the yacht from the reef and only minor damage occurred.